19, 09, 2016


It has been a minute guys!! I have spent the last month or so really concentrating on my youtube channel, however, I am hoping for a strong comeback in the blogging world! Let me know if there is anything you want to see! In the meantime here is my latest video all about the new makeup I have purchased!!

08, 06, 2016

My Happy Planner

My new obsession. My happy planner.

This nifty little diary is perfect to write out your plans, as well as keeping memories. It has a pull in and pull out concept for the pages so you can simply take out and add new pages wherever you want to. Whether that be extra dates or a sheet of photos to showcase your memories. It is such a great idea and I have become utterly obsessed!

I grabbed the peony design but there are so many other great styles. From Me and My Big Ideas you can get so many add ons too, from stickers to pens, to even whole new add on planners for fitness, home living and weddings! Needless to say that I have grabbed myself their wedding planner and can safely say it is soooo helpful already! 

So to hear and see more about this planner and places to buy this in the UK, take a look at my recent YouTube video linked below!

Comment, subscribe and Enjoy!

Chrissi xx

23, 05, 2016

The Secret Campsite

Last weekend we had the best time building memories at The Secret Campsite. The Secret Campsite really focuses on bringing you back to nature and gives you a peaceful and friendly outdoor space to relax and take in the outdoor vibes.

After almost missing the campsite altogether as it was so…well…secret. We were welcomed with a vibrant and friendly owner, who clearly loved his job and loved the surroundings. Tim was so helpful with everything from greeting us, showing us where our pitch was and then kindly bringing our firewood down for us. We felt so welcomed and at ease straight away.

We set to pitching up our tent and we had The White Beam pitch, which was perfect in my eyes. It was the farthest one back so was nicely isolated (not too isolated however) and it was near the forest area which really gave you the camping experience.

After setting up the tent and sunbathing a little, we set out to building our first camp fire together. Luckily I used to go camping as a child, so I had a few tricks up my sleeve and impressed the other half with my fire skills.

 We then set out to do something even I hadn’t done before. To cook on the fire! This was something I was really excited about and I knew would be quite challenging. For dinner we kept it simple (seeing as it was our first time). We cut some peppers, some onions and some mushrooms  and fried them on a very small camping frying pan. In hindsight, I think we could have done with a bigger pan. However this done the trick. We stuck the burgers on and they sizzled up perfectly. With this we had home made french stick (made by the local farm shop) and orange juice. Surprisingly this dinner took us a while and kept us occupied for a long time with all the preperation, firestarting and cooking times. However, it made the meal so rewarding.

(You can hire the stand from The Secret Campsite reception for £4 – sooo worthwhile)

The next morning we woke rather early. Earlier than we ever do at home anyway, and it felt great! The air was damp, the birds were singing, and the sun was bright. We felt fresh and awake and ready for the day ahead!

We made two seperate breakfasts. I had a simple porridge which was quite easy, and the other half cooked a fry up. Eggs, beans, bacon and mushrooms.

After breakfast we decided to go for a walk away from the campsite. To explore the greenary and see if we could find any strange looking creatures and hear some new noises from unseen animals. We ventured into the farm shop for more food and then made our way back to our tent for an afternoon nap in the sun.

For our last night, we made a large fire and roasted marshmellow’s as well as heating some milk for a warm cup of hot chocolate.

This really was a wonderful retreat that took us away from the busy lifestyle of the city and made us feel calm as a result. It was great to have only each others company, laugh at our mistakes and build on memories. We ended the weekend feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful. Need I say that we are already booking our second trip back here! Thank you ‘The Secret Campsite‘!

Chrissi xx


18, 05, 2016

My Favourite Bloggers

Hey everyone! Today’s post is all on the blogging community and who inspires me. Blogging is only a part time hobby for me and I love it so much. I really admire those women who have been able to make their passion their career and I can only hope to be as successful one day. So here is a list of my favourite bloggers, vloggers and youtubers!

Sammi Maria – formally known as BeautyCrush. I have followed Sammi pretty much from the beginning and watched her grown into an amazing full time blogger, Vlogger, youtubers and all round successful woman! Love you Sammi!

Marianna Hewitt – Life with me. I love her style and work ethic! She has a beautiful blog and is so informative on so many useful things! I love her stylish photos and you can tell she really does go all out on her work! Always a fan Marianna!

Corrie -Dizzybrunnette . Such a down to earth woman. She is always so happy and I love her colourful and very pink style. Her instagram is always flawless and her hair! Love that hair!! I love the fact she is also getting married soon like me and enjoy reading her post’s on her wedding experiences.

CoCo Chic – A recent find of mine but nevertheless obsessed. She is so informative on blog work and how she became successful. I also love how she has recently styled her blog and ventured more into the world of beauty. I think doing a post on her lip experience was so brave and really admire her for it! Looking forward to more videos!

Kenza Zouiten – Another recent find for me, but OMG, flawless! She is pretty much a supermodel who posts every day without fail! I love getting an insight into her daily life and know that I am always going to find a new post every day. And those photos though!! She is QUEEN of the camera!!

Fashioninflux – I feel like her posts have been on point since day one. Her instagram feed is to die for and I love her all white theme. Her posts on blogging are always so helpful and valuable, not to mention she always seems so relatable and down to earth. I love her!

Lydia Elise Millen. I am fairly new to Lydia’s blog and channel, but I am woman obsessed! He clean, crisp and white style has me hooked and she is such a beauty. I want her clothes, I want her bags and I want her Kitchen! If you don’t follow her blog you should definitely follow her snap chat, if only for those kitchen posts!

So I hope this post helped some of you and introduced you to some new fantastic blogs.  So tell me, who is your favourite? Comment below or tweet me, I love to find new favourites!

Until next time,
Chrissi xX

12, 05, 2016

Inspo Board

Hey Guys! Launching a new category on my blog today called Inspo Board.

This is going to be a category on inspirational pictures I’ve collected over the Internet. They are pictures that have inspired me recently and what I am recently obsessing over.

This week there are a lot of pictures of designer bags and shoes as well as throwing in a few camping pictures as I am camping this weekend and am currently obsessed with these shots! Enjoy having an insight into my inspirational board.

Chrissi xx

10, 05, 2016

How to purpose to your bridesmaids! 

A few weeks weeks ago I got my bridesmaids together and asked them if they would do the honour of helping me walk down the aisle. When asking them I wanted to make it special and so took them out for afternoon tea altogether. It was tasty, it was exciting and it was fun! It was great to have them altogether and all talking wedding!

But here are some other ways you can purpose to your bridesmaids if afternoon tea is not your thing.

1. Shopping trip! Grab some lunch and start of your wedding shopping! Look for bridesmaid dresses and shoes! Book your wedding dress fittings! Search for flowers and wedding decor…(The Range is great for some bits by the way!) start off your trip by meeting up with those girlies and announcing your news!

2. DIY afternoon tea! Now I had mine in a shopping centre, but you can do this just as great at home! Make (or buy if baking cookies is not your thing) some cupcakes, lay out the scones and jam, decorate the place with some wedding/bridesmaids banners, and serve up the tea. If you have something like chrome-cast you can play some wedding videos, or make your own playlist of photos to show. You can sit and discuss ideas and even look through that Pinterest board that I know you have been doing! A tea party at home can be made so special.


Tip – take pictures to cherish these memories, if you have a Polaroid even better!

3. Spa day! If you have the money or can get all the girls together, then do it! Having a relaxing girly day is always good, and starting it off with popping that question will get them all so happy and buzzing to talk wedding plans!

4. If your not about making it into a celebration, or there are some girls that just can’t make it, then how about sending them a bridesmaid card? You can get some great ones from Not on the high street.

I hope this post has helped you with ideas for your bridesmaids! If you have any ideas then please share and comment below for all to see!

Chrissi xX

07, 05, 2016

Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial 

Hey everyone! If you want to know how to get this brown smokey eye makeup look then just clock here to see it!

Let me know what other videos you would love to see, I would love to do more chatty ones!

Chrissi xX

22, 04, 2016

That Pink Sponge

I have never had the oppurtunity to get a beauty blender but I have always loved my real techniques sponge. So when I saw this B.Cosmetics blending sponge I thought it was a happy medium of the two and decided to give it a try.
This is still fairly new in my collection, however, I love it! It has quickly become a favourite of mine. For applying foundation I sill love and use my Vanshy flawless foundation brush as you all know this is a fave of mine – click here to see review video. But I am loving using this sponge for concealer application and find that I move back and forward between my Vanshy brush and this sponge.

Although I dont have a beauty blender, I believe this would be a very close match and would definitely recommend it. So let me know if you try it and hashtag those photos #chrissisblogs.

By Chrissi


14, 04, 2016

True match, True love

If you watch my videos (if you don’t here is a link to my latest video – https://youtu.be/hzS9gAzSquI) Then you already know that I have fallen in love with this foundation. 

I bought it once before, years and years ago. I didn’t like it then and I chucked it to the side, I thought it made me look oily and it didn’t match my skin colour at all. Years later, they have changed the packaging and I believe the formula too! It is amazing! My favourite foundation out there!! It matches my skin tone, it sits perfectly and comfortably on the skin and it leaves a soft dewy look rather than an oily one. It is a definate must have in my collection. 

What is your favourite foundation at the moment, I’m on the lookout for a high end brand for those special occasions – comment down below or tweet me! 

Until next time,

Chrissi xX 

10, 04, 2016

Travel Essentials – LilyPix


 Today I have partnered with Lily from lilypix to share our makeup bag essentials for those short breaks and weekends away! Lily posts on beauty, lifestyle, skincare, food…you name it! Make sure you check her out to compare our posts for inspiration when packing for that short break!

So what essentials do I pack in my makeup bag when I travel? Well, I make sure its anything small, compact and dual ended! This saves on space and makes life easier! Here are some of my favorite products.

  • Naked basics palette – Small, compact, mirrored and great shades for day time to nightime eyeshadow transitions.
  • Revolution ‘Line and flick’ eyeliner – Both a kohl pencil and a liquid pen!
  • CC cream – My favourite is the bourjois 123 perfect cc cream, great if your somewhere hot!
  • Red cherry lashes – Easy, affordable and great with day and night looks! Very versatile.
  • NYX micro pencil – Both a pencil and a spoolie
  • Mac highlighter – Perfect that glow!
  • MUA velvet lipstick in tranquility – A natural colour that goes with every look, plus it stays put!!
  • Mac Spice lip liner – Blend-able for most colour lipsticks

What are your essentials? I love finding new, travel friendly items!

Don’t forget to check out Lilys post here!

Until next time,

Chrissi xx



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